Implementing Digital Transformation using Smart Data and Smart Services

Digital transformation is part of Industry 4.0 and puts considerable pressure on companies to act. Enterprises have to use their data in new ways if they want to satisfy the high demand for fast, flexible and high-quality communication with customers. In that respect, direct access to relevant information becomes a critical requirement. Business strategies, courses of action and tools must all be aligned accordingly.

If more data becomes available to a company, this does not automatically mean it will benefit from it. A mass of “too much” data is counter-productive and can lead to drowning in the much quoted “flood of data”. So a new way of dealing with data is required. In short, data needs to be rendered usable to provide added value to companies.

Strategic and operational activities, that means the specific proposed use of Smart Data and Smart Services in Data Management and Process Management, will open new business areas and generate new business models.

The need to act cannot be overemphasized, because
  • digital transformed companies have competitive advantages in a Digital Society!
  • agile methods and processes support the development of quickly usable and easily adaptable solutions!
  • the digitization of the society forces companies to handle their datas more goal-oriented!
The BARC Research Note „Implementing Digital Transformation using Smart Data and Smart Services“ will show you how more values of digital transformation, will convince your customers.
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